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Kennametal Greenfield Industrial Products Group
Assembled Threading Tools Division

The Assembled Threading Tools Division of Kennametal Greenfield IPG keeps you competitive with cutting tools made of the finest steels, using the most up-to-date methods available. With years of manufacturing experience, Kennametal Greenfield IPG has always been and will remain the leader in cutting tool development and innovation.


Milled Type Radial Chasers for Geometric
and H & G Die Heads

Milled thread chasers are available in standard and special thread forms. These thread forms are milled prior to heat treat with the blank finish ground to extremely close tolerances after hardening. Milled thread chasers, when used with the recommended die head, will cut a class 3A thread.

Ground Thread Radial Chasers for Geometric
and H & G Die Heads

Ground thread chasers are available in standard and many special thread forms. The blanks are heat treated and precision ground before creep feed thread grinding. Creep feed grinding produces an exceptional micro-finish on the chaser threads.
Geometric supermetric chasers are all ground thread, held to precision tolerances.

Tapped Form (Concave Profile) Radial Chasers
for Geometric Die Heads

Tapped form chasers are milled with a concave thread profile then heat treated. The blank is then precision ground. The concave thread profile gives added support to the chasers when cutting. All tapped form chasers have fully eccentric thread profiles.

Geometric Tangent Chasers

All elements on the Geometric tangent, including thread forms, are fully ground. Tangent chasers allow multiple regrinds for production applications.

"S" Chasers for Geometric Taps

All Geometric "S" chasers are ground after heat treat. Thread profiles are convex and manufactured with different radial clearances depending upon material to be threaded.

Vers-O-Tool Circular Chasers

The circular chasers are designed for production jobs, or jobs that repeat frequently. All circular chasers have crush ground threads.

Circular chasers allow for multiple regrinds.

Acme Fette Thread Rolls

All Acme Fette thread rolls have crush ground threads, from hardened blanks. The first thread is ground as a partial to aid in the initial material deformation; this also increases the thread roll life. All Acme Fette rolls are reversible..

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